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1. Access Express has been updated to new P4P rules. You will notice P4P Measure data has been updated to reflect 2019 data as of: Monday, 5/13/2019.
2. FIT DNA screening has been added to the CRC (Colorectal Cancer Screening) drop-down menu.


HIPAA Regulatory Alert:
Sharing user names and passwords is a HIPAA security violation. Under the Security Rule, covered entities, regardless of their size, are required, under the Code of Federal Regulations § 164.312(a)(2)(i) to "assign a unique name and/or number for identifying and tracking user identity."

Violating HIPAA regulatory requirements can lead to significant practice, as well as, personal financial penalties. Criminal penalties for knowingly obtaining or disclosing individually identifiable health information can include imprisonment.

To obtain an individual user name and password, click on the red box that reads "Click here to register for a password or request more information". To reactivate your individual account or terminate an existing account for an employee who no longer works within your practice, contact the Access Express Help Desk at 1-877-258-4357 for assistance.***


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